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Medical Domain Names for sale by a private domain broker. Featured Medical Domain Names consist of generic search phrases most often used by online consumers. Highly targeted, brandable and memorable, search phrase domains offer numerous strategic advantages related to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Type-In Traffic, Brand Protection and Consumer Credibility. The most comprehensive portfolio of OTC products available, properties include:

Medical Product Domain Names (Consumer):

  • > Blood Analyzer
  • > Blood Pressure Machine
  • > Blood Pressure Monitors
  • > Blood Pressure Monitors
  • > Blood Pressure Monitors
  • > Body Fat Calculators
  • > Digital Blood Pressure Monitors
  • > Ear Thermometer
  • > Heart Rate Monitor
  • > Heart Rate Monitor
  • > Home Heart Defibrillator
  • > Temporal Thermometer
  • > Temporal Thermometers
  • > Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Medical Product Domain Names (Professional):

Medical Test Domain Names:

  • > Aids Tests
  • > Blood Testing
  • > Hepatitis Test
  • > HIV Tests
  • > HIV Tests
  • > Home Blood Test
  • > Influenza Test
  • > Medical Diagnostic Test
  • > Medical Diagnostic Tests
  • > Medical Thermometer
  • > Oral HIV Tests

Medical Condition Domain Names:

  • > Lowering Blood Pressure
  • > Lowering High Blood Pressure

Medical Entity Domain Names:

  • > Baby Healthcare
  • > Baby Healthcare Products
  • & .net > Health Wellness Products
  • > Symptom DR

Medical Insurance, Pharmaceutical & Pharmacy Domain Names:

Medical Mall Domain Names:

  • > Home Medical Test Mall
  • > Home Medical Tests Mall
  • > Medical Products Mall
  • > Medical Supply Mall

Domains featured are aggressively marketed worldwide. If you see a domain of interest, please contact me immediately. Once a domain is sold, it will likely never be made available again. Domains are listed without pricing. Once an inquiry is received, pricing will be provided. Negotiating is expected and encouraged.

Domain Integration
Deployment is easy. Point the domain to any page within an existing website or take a data feed of select content from the buyers primary site to the newly created, company branded website. This is quickly executed by any web department. More

Transaction Details
Domains come without content or hosting. is used as the transaction facilitator. Escrow costs are split evenly between buyer and seller. In most instances, transfers are completed within 5 business days. Upon request, the domain can be forwarded to a prospective buyer's website for demonstration purposes. More

Note: Some domains may be in use but are available for purchase.



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